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A couple of months ago as I was contemplating how quickly the year had passed, I found myself asking the Lord: “what next, Lord?” after meditating for some time, one word was impressed in my heart: “Forward” the more I considered it, the more excited I got, however I kept asking the Lord, I know you want us to move forward but how? Yet again I asked the Lord; how do you want us to move forward?  God spoke to my heart saying: “commit to my word”!  One day I was reading the bible and found Ezra 7, what an amazing chapter!  My attention was directed to v.10:


“For Ezra had set his heart to learn the Law of the Lord, to live by it, and to teach His Laws in Israel.”


Here I found what I believe to be the assignment of every Christian; to study the word of God, to live the word of God and to teach the word of God. 

As we enter this new year, I want to proclaim our theme for 2023:



Committed to the Word


I am excited to see the powerful things that God has for us as we move FORWARD in 2023, commit to God’s word; to learn it, to live it and to teach it.


As we have done for the past few years, I am inviting you to join us in our 21 days of fasting to prepare to move forward towards the things that God has prepared for us in 2023.  Included below is a daily devotional to be followed for the 21 days of fasting, commit to it daily.


 Also, I encourage you embark in our journey of reading the complete bible in one year. 


Revive Church, it is time to move forward – let this word permeate your mind, heart and soul and let us ask God to reveal to us the personal areas of our life as well as the public areas of our life in which we need to move forward.  Let us commit to the word of God as never before for our forward movement is contingent upon our commitment to His word.


May the Lord bless you abundantly as we move FORWARD in 2023!


In His service;

Pastor Misael & Erika Gurrola

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This year we want to encourage all of our members to join this years bible reading plan. We will have  four special events throughout the year to serve as a checkpoint to all who stay on track with their reading. On these checkpoint days, those individuals who have kept consistent will receive one badge for that quarter. We will also have bible quizzes and special services geared to encourage you to keep reading.


At the end of the year all those who have finished the entire bible plan or who have received all four badges will be recognized in a special ceremony. There will also be a special recognition for for the families who completed the bible plan. 

March 1st, 2023 - Checkpoint 1: First Wednesday Service 

Bible Quizzes: Men vs. Women 

Badge 1:  Bronze

June 7th, 2023 - Checkpoint 2: First Wednesday Service 

Bible Quizzes: Leaders vs. Leaders 

Badge 2:  Silver

September 6th, 2023- Checkpoint 3- First Wednesday Service 

Bible Quizzes: Families vs. Families 

Badge 3: Gold

December 6th, 2023- Checkpoint 4- First Wednesday Service 

Bible Quizzes: Youth/ Juniors vs. Adults 

Badge 4: Platinum

If you are interested in participating in this extraordinary challenge sign up here and get weekly reminders about your status and upcoming Bible Quizzes. 






1. Download the pdf below and keep track of your own progress

2. For every checkpoint date bring your pdf, and present to the staff to gain your badge



1. Download the You Version Bible App 



2. Create and Account to keep track of your progress

3. Look for the plan BIBLEPROJECT I THE BIBLE or click below 

4. Start the Plan 

5. On every checkpoint date, show your progress to the office staff and get your  badge

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